Get Cheap Web Traffic!

How would you like to obtain more cheap web traffic. You can, by employing the techniques below!

1 Contests - here you give away something of value. In exchange you ought to get gobs of web traffic to your site. Get them to leave you their E-mail address, in exchange for future offers at a discount! Then once the contest is over, offer them the same prize at a discount - all these inexpensively obtained customers - targeted web traffic!

2 Auctions - for good web traffic, place an item on auction either online or off. Make a note of all the bidders. After the auction is over, buy a bunch of these items wholesale and sell them to the losers at a discount. Now back end them with similar products. This should result in much targeted web traffic!

3 Low cost premium for another company should result in more cheap web traffic - this works where you have a product that people use up, like memberships or basic commodities. If you are a health club, why not sell 500 transferable, 1 month memberships to realtors for $2.00 each. They will give them away to clients who list, sell or buy houses through them. They have to visit your website to register and obtain the magic code to write on the membership in order to fully activate it and receive an additional free 1 month membership for a friend. If your health club is any good, you should get quite a few renewals at full price. In fact, offer them credit for the one month certificates! This should yield much additional cheap web traffic!

4 Back ending - There are companies that contact radio stations and offer to let them run an ad for their product whenever they wish and permit them to keep the entire purchase price - say $5.00! The only requirement is that they send the name promptly to the original company so they can supply the customer with the product. The radio station is happy because they make money when they had no ad space revenue at that time. The advertisor makes money on the back end when the customer reorders, say 20+ times over his or her lifetime and refers others to buy the product, although loses a little money on the first sale (cost to company .50 maybe plus $1.00 to ship)! What the advertisor can do is to encourage online ordering by offering a discount on the product if they visit the website! Thus, more cheap and targeted web traffic results!

5 Internet - Website for creating cheap web traffic - the internet is the "world's cheapest printing press." Create a website! For under $10000, you should be able to have a site designed, hosted and promoted for a year. There are even some hosts that will offer you free hosting and provide you with tools to enable you to construct your own web pages, even if you have no experience with HTML, the language used to program websites! Usaully, they make you accept advertising, but some will let you opt out if you pay a monthly fee. I know of one that will let you out for $5/month! Use the techniques in 1 - 4 to get cheap web traffic. For free-web-traffic, visit

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