Create a Successful Internet Computer Rental Business

1 Start by offering a loss leader - charge $2.00 for up to 5 hours of computer time for internet access, the actual amount to be determined by number of users in store! More time for wee hours in morning, like 3 AM!

2 Offer complementary products and services - like coffee, tea and sandwiches. In fact let them click on appropriate icon from their terminals and waitress will deliver them.

3 When purchases are made, like cup of coffee, offer immediate upsell - plastic mug for $4.00 with 30% discount on coffee refills for a year!

4 Offer frequent buyer club for sandwiches and beverages - 10 buys get one free!

5 Capture E-mail addresses by offering freebie. Educate customers about products and services, as to why your store is unique via E-zine (E-mail newsletter).

6 Do joint ventures with other businesses.

7 Have a variety of computer locations - upstairs, enclosed, downstairs to handle all personality types.

8 Offer complementary products and services - such as printouts, floppy and CD ROM disks, where you can make a healthy profit.

9 After having one successful store, franchise, joint venture and go public in IPO!

10 Regardless of above, you will need a successful website to help sell your products. Ken Evoy, in his book, "Make Your Site-Sell," offers the "bible of website selling for nearly $17.00 US."

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