How to Have Control of Time and Money

The company decides that Mr. X does not have the same "spring in his step" as compared with some of the younger individuals that could do the work blindfolded. So, not only do they they find some pretext to eliminate him, but they also eliminate his position. So all the hopefuls just below him who were waiting for Mr. X to die , quit, get fired or to retire have a rude awakening when the company management states:

"Ok, Mr. X has just left the company, and we are not replacing his position. There are four of you right next to him who were hoping for his position. You are going to each do one-fourth more work to pick up the slack and, no, we are not going to pay you any more!"

So, in the meantime, Mr. X goes out to find another job.

You would think he would learn about jobs and being downsized by this time. We'll, he eventually gets downsized again and again. You would feel that at some point, when will all this nonsense end. The problem is with jobs in general. What are some of the problems with them? They pay you not what you are worth, but the cost of your cheapest replacement. They don't provide enough vacation. They try to get more work out of you , but not pay you any more. One trick is to provide you with a new title, instead of more money. When I was in school, I worked part time in an emergency stat laboratory. Now, there were specially trained technicians who drew blood. Guess what they called them.? Yes , you guessed it, "blood collectors." Now at my current hospital, we have people who perform the same function, but now guess what they call them? "Phlebotomists!" Bet you their bosses came to them and offered them a new title, rather than more money! ...Elated, he runs home - "honey, I love my job. They gave me a promotion! I'm a otomist , I am a specialist."

Another trick is to take their employee aside and say. "I have a deal for you in this job!. Let me pay you by salary instead of per hour, and you will make more money!" Yes, but what bossy does not tell him is that his overtime will be stopped, and he will not be paid for all the extra hours that he most likely will certainly have to work. Bossy does not believe in downsizing. He calls it rightsizing!

So, if jobs are no good, what is the alternative? Your own homebased business. The business that I am about to describe to you has the following. Very low overhead, work when and where you want, almost no startup investment, a mentoring system that will guide you, so that you do not become a statistic like most new business in the first year. A product based, rather than service based system, which means that you no longer are limited to 168 billable hours per week.

How would you like to finally solve the riddle of time and money. The riddle is that you may have a lot of money but to get a lot of money you will do a job or business that gives you no time. If you have a lot of time, then you have no $$$ - unemployed. How would you like both? - you can, with no job!

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