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Introduction - in the off-line world, people are envious of those that get their advertising for free! - their store visitors without having to pay any upfront costs. What I hope to show you here are many techniques to obtain free web traffic on the on-line and off-line world for your websites!

Search Engines - are one of the best methods for getting free web traffic. What the client does is type in a phrase to be searched upon like "criminal lawyer", and based upon a host of factors - like number of times said keyword is used at the website, amount of content, sometimes number of links to that sight, websites are ranked in order of relevance to the keywords searched upon. For free web traffic, you should try really hard to get ranked in the first page showings.

For free web traffic, one of the first things to do is to make a list of keywords that your customer would most likely use, in a search. Then, think of all the variants that your customer might use - like "real estate", try florida real estate, commercial real estate,etc. You might consider using all capitals REAL ESTATE, and the plural forms, as some engines will lead the user to the plural form when the singular term is searched. You should consider the use of a "gateway page" specializing in a single word or phrase. Now provide some decent content using your keyword conspicuously throughout, with a link back to your main page. Do this conspicuously throughout for all your keywords, providing each with their own gateway page! For more information on getting free-web-traffic from the search engines, visit:

This site will lead you to information written by a search engine guru, Ken Evoy MD, a medical doctor, who studies the internet and has created "award winning" information on how to use the search engines to bring targeted traffic to your web-site. He also describes what you must do with your site in order to convert this traffic into money for you - teaches you how to make your site sell! If you are not sold on his ability to write a successful site, then don't get his book.

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Signature File - is a short little sentence or paragraph you list after you list your e-mail address, and is a good source of free web traffic. A good one would be to offer someone a free offer and a call to action like Get your free-web-traffic at

Links - for free web traffic, try to find business that have your customers but are non-competitive with you and offer to trade links.

Newsgroups and E-mail discussion lists - can be a wonderful source of free web traffic. Try to find the relevant newsgroups. There are a number of sites that you can visit that will assist you in locating relevent ones. Would suggest that you "lurk" - observe without posting. Once you learn the rules, you may be able to gently promote. Usually , they will allow you to post your signature file! This should result in more free web traffic!

E-zine - another source of free web traffic is an e-zine or electronic newsletter. Create one to enhance long term nurturing relationships with your customers. If you are not familiar with electronic newsletters ? or E-zine, it comes to you automatically by E-mail, so you do not have to waste time to go to the worldwide web to get it. In general, you can unsubscribe at anytime. You should be very good at about not misusing subscribers e-mail address and should make a statement about how you respect their privacy. Say that you detest spammers. You can even read the E-zine off line anywhere you have a computer that runs windows. You can be reading it while running some other computer program - a very efficient use of your time! For a good example of a free e-zine that will help you bring in free web traffic -

Enter your e-mail address into the box and click on the "Subscribe" button.

You will find it very educational, but they will not charge you one red cent to get it.

Write Articles for other peoples work , both online - on websites or E-zines, but don't forget about off line as well, to build free web traffic. This will help build credibility for you as an expert. For a good example, visit,

where you learn how not to have a job. This is sort of like a "joint venture" where the writer wrote the article while Sitesell company provided the support, website hosting and graphics! Whoever said you have to work your entire life! ____________________________________________________________________

offline ways to promote free web traffic-

1) post on community bulletin boards a text version of your web site. Example is the page at

which, after slight modifications, I have used successfully as an offline promotion device for free web traffic.

2) handbills - check local ordinances, but find out where a large # of your audience is going to be - i.e. maybe near a convention and distribute hand bills - a good source of more free web traffic.

3) newspaper and TV - promote via press release for free web traffic.

4) have message play to visit site while on hold on phone - will increase web traffic.

5) word of mouth - lots of potential for free web traffic here!

6) find people that also benefit when you make money and have them pay for all of your promotion costs. Example is the mutual fund salesman who agrees to fund your free seminars on financial planning! This will also work online too.

7) referrals - find satisfied customers who will recommend you to others. Where legal, offer them a referral fee and a discount to the referree. In fact try testing doing all business by referral only -i. e. - "you must have been referred to be seen by us."

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