No Job!!! How To Have Control Of Time And Money With No Job!!!

Do you remember when you were young, you were told by mom - "son, I want you to go to school, and study hard so that you will get a good job, and you'll make it, son"!
While in school, you had dreams - about owning a beautiful condominium on the beach in Hawaii, or having a sailboat and going around the world or possessing that jet plane with a pilot to come fly you anywhere at your whim. You had 12 weeks of vacation a year - 8 weeks in summer, 2 weeks Xmas, and 2 weeks Easter. You were excited! It was great living at home with all your needs and meals provided for, and having no job!
You then hit your first job, and you were excited that you were about to enter the capitalist system. You said to your boss - "it is a pleasure to come in today, I want $100/hr, to come in when I want, to choose my own secretary, to enjoy 12 weeks of vacation a year, and I don't want you or anyone else telling me what to do. Bossy said, "son, I have a counter-offer. $6.50/hr, you listen to me, and I choose your secretary and you get only 2 weeks of vacation/year. At this job, unless you want no job, I am the one who sets the terms!" And that is the end of the dream.

This is called quiet desperation. Many people with a job have been returned to the past, when slavery was legal. In many jobs, you have to ask when you can eat, wipe, can leave for home, and sleep as bossy sets your hours! Wouldn't it be fantastic to have freedom of time, to enjoy life, to do things that you want to do how and when you want to do them, with whomever you want to do them with and quit "eeeeeee" kissing bossy's butt. How would you like to finally solve the riddle of time and money. The riddle is that you may have a lot of money but to get a lot of money you will do a job or business that gives you no time. If you have a lot of time, then you have no $$$ - unemployed! How would you like both - you can, with no job!

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