Why pay for advertising - pay for results!

The following are worthwhile persuing to get targeted web traffic. You only pay when good results are produced. Should produce targeted web traffic!

1 Pay per view search engines - in general, you only pay for results - when a surfer has clicked on a link to your site. On many, you bid on words. If you have accurately determined your conversion rate, you know your cost per sale and can bid to always provide you a profit! http://www.goto.com is a good example. It should generate good web traffic. Pay for results. Don't pay for advertising!

2 Affiliate programs - although it costs some money to set up, once you have it going, you pay affiliates for results, - a percentage of the gross sale, only when a sale is made, resulting in some good web traffic. Some programs will pay you once, when the sale is made, but the original company keeps all of the back end sales that result when that purchaser buys again. A far better program would be one that pays you on every subsequent sale for life, and let you develop a team of affiliates where you earn a percentage of everything that they sell for life. For a very good example of an pay for results - affiliate program in which I consider to be the best in the field, visit this web site -


This leads to a website which teaches you how to write a website that sells. Find the section of the site on their 5Pillar affiliate program. You can sign up for free. You will be then be given a free education (which can also be used to promote other affiliate programs), both on their special affiliate only site, and thru E-mail that is worth, in my opinion, hundreds of dollars if you had to purchase it yourself. Ken Evoy, the book's author, does a very good job in creating value for his affiliates. Although you should not copy it exactly, it is a very good example of a high end value affiliate program that you might offer to your affiliates, should you desire to offer one, and good web traffic should result from your paying for results!

3 PI, or per inquiry advertising - There is a myth in the advertising community that you must pay for advertising, not pay for results, in order to get good web traffic. Bunk! Have you seen those radio ads where you contact station "WXYZ" or write box 5555 at the same station. These are most likely PI ads where their advertisor is paying for results - an actual sale in this case. This is another source of good web traffic.

4 Barter - here you trade your product or service for results - for advertising or other traffic promotion technique. Let us say your product retails for $10000., but only costs you $2000, to produce it. You offer to buy $8000 of advertising from a media company for $10000 of your product that they sorely need. If they don't need it you can do triangular barter with a company whose product they certainly need. So now you have purchased $8000 of advertising at a cost to you of only $2000. - not a bad example of trading your product for results.

Now, regardless of how much traffic you bring to your web site ( free web traffic or not), you need to ask yourself. What is your most wanted response. Clearly, to make money! How do you do that? You need to create a web site that sells! Ken Evoy, in his unique book, Make Your Site Sell,
teaches you how to do that. For approximately $17. US$, you get 800+ pages of invaluable gems. You can even get a free download that contains nearly a quarter of them.

He teaches you about headlines , most wanted responses, closers, calls to action. He teaches you how to keep the reader "turning the page" by writing a good page joint. He also includes a good chapter on getting free-web-traffic including discussion of search engine optimization techniques. He offers a

100% money back guarantee. In fact I am so confident that if you utilize all his techniques and if you request your money back after employing all his techniques and fail to get more free web traffic, I will give you 3 free ads in an e-zine!

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