New Powerful Software Uses Internet Worldwide Web to Determine Optimal Price!

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How about the ultimate product that empowers anyone, and I mean ANYONE , to actually price their own products and services over the internet, scientific and exactly. Yes, what was previously the domain of the FORTUNE 500 is now within reach of every business person and professional!

Attention business owners and professionals, how did you determine the best price for your services/products? Did you just pick it out by random? Are you just following the lead of your colleagues? How about deciding to price it based on the the wonderful lifestyle that your chosen price you think will support?!

If you price it too high, few will buy. Price it too low and you may be leaving money on the table. Did you ever consider testing your price?!

Sales courses constantly stress the importance of stressing the benefits to the consumer. The consumer could not care a hoot about the seller. Likewise, don't you feel that it is important to find out what the buyer feels your product is worth to him - the right price in order to obtain the benefit that you wish to bestow upon him?

How would you like to have edge over the competition in terms of pricing? I would be willing to bet you money that a lot of your competition is not pricing their product optimally and scientifically!

If you were to hire a consultant to properly price your product, it would cost and be worth the $10000 - $15000 or more they charge. Why is that? Because if you plan to run millions of dollars in gross revenues per year, even a 10% increase in that would easily justify such a cost. The benefit to the bottom line would easily justify the price.

Ken Evoy, well known for his wonderful works on website selling - book "Make Your Site Sell" , and infoproduct selling - book "Make Your Knowledge Sell," has a new product called "Make Your Price Sell." This is a brand new approach, with a patent pending, powerful, and 100% guaranteed process for determining the optimal price.

The internet includes the worldwideweb or "www". The worldwideweb is truly worldwide, with users throughout the entire world! With today's high speed computers, it is truly "lightning fast." The www is also interactive - facilitating easy communication and interaction between users. Price your product correctly the first time, else internet surfers and offline buyers too, will leave you in the dust and visit the competition!

Make Your Price Sell,
uses the internet to obtain information from customers via a series of alternative questions. It then scientifically analyzes the data using high speed computer technology, and then returns the "perfect price." It is server-side. This means no cumbersome software to mess with! If you have a computer and an internet connection, and know how to use them, you are in the pricing business!

It is easily worth $10000 - $15000, but because of the fact that the internet is the "world's cheapest printing press," Ken brings it to you for a price of nearly merely $50. US. It is the best bargain on the web. What can it be used for? Here are some suggestions to use it to get the right price.

For every service or product that is successful in the marketplace, hundreds don't make it, many because they are not priced correctly, not priced right. Before launching a new product or service, you want to know if it will be profitable. How do you do this? You do a feasibility study. By doing this, you will learn what price and volume you must run to make a profit. You also will learn prior to even entering the market, whether there is too much competition, or whether the demand is too low that you will be unable to profit. Just think you will know prior to spending a ton of your hard earned money that the idea will not work, because it is not priced right!.

Let's say you have a new product and you need to determine the optimum price. MYPS can help you price it right. How about your existing products. How about future upgrades to them. In short, there are a lot of uses for this product to help you determine the correct price.

They also offer an affiliate program for Make Your Price Sell. This program enables you to make money by promoting the product. There are some rather unique features, like once a person buys one product, he is your customer for life. OR even if they merely sign - up for the free E-zine (or electronic newsletter that comes to you automatically by E-mail - you can unsubscribe at any time!) Site-Sell, the visitor is branded so that Ken will remember to give you credit for some subsequent sales. If you buy the product, you are in an excellent position to market it since you know it better than someone who has not bought. The 5 Pillar affiliate program is one of the best out there. It is free, and the affiliates are encouraged, but not required, to buy any product. Make Your Price Sell affiliate program is superb!

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Ken Envoy also offers a free course on finding the "Perfect Price" for your product. It is a high content filled five part course that arrives by E-mail and can even be downloaded to a floppy and taken to another computer to be read while doing something else! ( you can also do this with the free E-zine described above too!) One of the nice things about the popular computer operating systems is that, in general, you can run more than one program at once, so if you are typing a letter, you can switch back and forth to your free course! This would appear to be a very productive use of your time!.

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MYPS - if this product does not fulfill your fondest expectations, don't be afraid to ask for your money back. This is the whole point of a money back guarantee! The product has a 100% money back guarantee!

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