How To Have More Free Time

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A Special Approach to Saving Time

It is time to fight back against those people and situations that waste one of our most valuable assets, our free time. If the average person lives 70-80 years, he spends most of his time doing things he has to do, not that he wants to do. In reality , we have very little free time, time to spend with our loved ones, our family, doing things we want to do when we wish to do them. If these techniques save you 1 hour per day, but if you had only 1 hour of free time per day, some people would say that your life time “free time expectancy has been doubled - its like living 140 - 160 years, but feeling much younger than that.


Throughout your day, there are many TASKS that need to be performed. The object is to do all of them, or as many of them as possible , not during your free time, but during some other time. We will call these other times - OPPORTUNITIES.

The trick to do this is by proper planning. Examples:

TASK - daily mail sort

Mail - sort into two categories: 1) High priority -needs immediate attention today. 2) Low-Medium priority - can wait for later OPPORTUNITY to go through - (i.e. while line waiting, at work, bank teller line, at red light, waiting for subway or bus - (but be careful of muggers), at restaurant while waiting to be seated or while waiting to be served, at disco, while they make you wait in line outside). Always bring junk mail wherever you go. Put it in your attaché case, etc. If you don’t want to carry a heavy load, then bring something that will take hours to get through, such as a book. Bear in mind however, that much of the material in the Low-Medium priority category will be junk mail, and by sorting it and going through it, much of it will be trashed and the residual volume and weight will be only a small percentage of what you started with. So if you started with 5 pounds of material, the stuff you don’t through out may weigh only 8 ounces!! The MAIL sort is so efficient because it can be made PORTABLE. This is a PORTABLE TASK, when done on other time, is well suited to freeing up your free time.

TASK - Personal Hygiene

Personal Hygiene - save shaving, combing your hair, and putting on your tie and buttoning your shirt, for a later OPPORTUNITY.( - best to do it while waiting for elevator and on elevator, in order to minimize the probability that people will see you disheveled.) *** If shaving please carry and use a plastic bag to catch all hair, etc. Best to do it when alone!

TASK - eating

Although many people consider eating a pleasure, compared to certain other pleasures that people enjoy during their free time, eating becomes a TASK that needs to be performed not during your free time. To handle eating effectively, you must make it portable. That means you must carry your meal(s) with you, either prepared or purchased previously. Once portable, many OPPORTUNITIES present themselves to perform this TASK.

1) OPPORTUNITY - Line Waiting

1) Decrease your LINE WAITING wasted time, by doing tasks, while waiting in line that you would have to do during your free time. By doing this, you have decreased the WASTED TIME you spent by waiting in line, because you have accomplished important things during this time that you would have had to perform during your free time.

LINE WAITING - also includes

a) waiting for elevator - 1) read book or go through (TASK) - junk mail, that you would be doing during free time. If you wait 3 minutes for elevator at home, 2 minutes to ride it down, and 10 minutes to ride it up as it stops on every floor on way to your office, you have increased your free time by 15 minutes , because you now do not have to use 15 minutes of your precious free time to read these materials.

2) personal hygiene -

save a few (TASK) - personal hygiene items for performance in the elevator, or while waiting for it. Don’t comb your hair or put your tie on in the bathroom, do these in the elevator, and use the mirror there that the elevators should have. If you really want to be gross, try shaving, but that is probably better reserved for the john at work. *** If shaving please carry and use a plastic bag to catch all hair, etc. Best to do it when alone!

2) OPPORTUNITY - during job.

1) If you do not enjoy your job, and if your boss approves, perform tasks that you would do during your free time, on company time. There are many jobs that predispose to such a situation - where your work is dictated by forces beyond your control. Fireman, while waiting for a fire, etc. You can also do it in the john. very often people will take a newspaper with them, and read it there. If they would have read the paper there anyway, fine, if they ordinarily would have read it at home later. Junk mail is particularly suited for work on the job. So are the TASKS of personal hygiene and eating. See below - An interesting sidelight is possible here for the TASK of eating. Always get your boss’ approval as I am not advocating cheating, but when on your lunch break, use it not for lunch but for some other good purpose. Just before it ends, purchase food and bring to office. If you play your cards right, you should be able to nibble it down during the next hour at work, or go to the john to finish it.

3) OPPORTUNITY - on line at bank teller, supermarket or fast food restaurant.

1) We all dislike being in line at the bank teller, supermarket or fast food restaurant. It seems that the windows are staffed by only two people , while twenty people are in line - ten at each. What really irks you is that three other employees are chatting aimlessly with each other, or are on break. When asked by the last people in line , “do you mind opening up a third window,” the excuses may all be different, but the effect is the same - No new window ever gets opened. (However, try to ask at their office quitting time, not to help speed-up the lines so that the customers can come home to their families for supper, to open up a couple of additional lines because you feel that it is important that They can all leave at a reasonable hour - now three new lines open up! By having the portable TASKS with you, - Junk Mail, Eating, etc., you can make good use of this wasted time on line, taking care of matters that would have to be done during your valuable free time. We can call this comp time . Warning - although you could perform the task of personal hygiene here, be careful, as you may be too visible.

4) OPPORTUNITY - waiting at red-light, or for train, bus, or plane.

1) while on these - similar principles apply - but be careful of muggers.

5) OPPORTUNITY - waiting in front of Disco.

1) Have you ever gone to the name or the “IN” clubs entrances, only to find them mobbed. Then if you are not dressed just in the style that the “Bouncer” likes, it can take a very long time to get in. He knows that he has got you in his power and there is not a single thing that you can do to stop him. He knows that Golden Rule - “he that has got the gold makes the rules.” Well, it’s time to fight back. Bring a newspaper and hold it high so he knows that you are reading it, and don’t care if and when you get in. Now you are no longer in his power. He does not have to let you in, but you are not wasting time. You would have read this paper during your free time anyway. To really bother him, bring the Sunday Edition. He might get the point. Furthermore, the other patrons may get the point. The bouncer may just let you in because his power game is no longer working. Eating is also appropriate. Personal hygiene - No!

6) OPPORTUNITY - waiting for table at popular restaurant.

1) Bring or do appropriate portable tasks while waiting for table, or waiting for food or check. Eating food obtained from outside is not appropriate, but if their are good appetizers being served at the bar, have a drink and engorge on the appetizers. If you eat enough, you might save enough by not ordering as much food when you are eventually seated , to pay for the drinks and turn a tidy profit besides.


1) Determine the average wait time for your elevators. If you are physically capable of doing so and your physician approves, consider taking the stairs. Example: After taking a representative sample of sufficient elevator trips, you determine that the average trip takes 7 minutes, from the point you press the elevator call button, until the time you exit the door at your destination. You then time yourself after a representative sample of trips using the stairs. If the difference is significant, you save time, and possibly obtain health benefits from this exercise.

2) Improve your efficiency of transport. Instead of waiting for and taking a subway or bus, estimate the time it takes to get door to door from origin to destination. For all uses of subway or bus, estimate similarly, if you were to utilize a taxicab. If by taking taxicabs, you save X hours, compute utilizing your hourly wage what you could earn by moonlighting or working overtime for your present job, and accounting for deductions and taxes and transportation time, whether by working Y hour, to pay for difference between cab and bus (or subway), a net gain in free time could result. - i.e. X -Y > 0. For example, if door to door transportation by bus or subway takes 10 hours per work week, and it costs you $12.50, but by taking taxicabs, only 2 hours of transportation time would result at a cost of $50. The extra costs of cabs = $37.50. But, because you saved 8 hours = X. If your net pay after all deductions for overtime or a moonlighting job is $12.50, then by working 3 hours, one would pay for the cab, 8 - 3 = 5 hours free time saved. An additional fringe benefit is that you need not be next to the bad vibration people and characters that you may meet in the subway and or bus. You also may undergo less loss of sick time due to the absence of cold germs that the bus and subway mates would send to you from their coughs and sneezes.

3) If a member of a health spa, and if it is less than or = to the distance of your initial running “warm-up”, run to the spa., instead of taking other transportation. Advantages include saving the time of waiting for and of taking and the cost of alternative transportation.

4) Spend some time every week in prioritizing your things to do list. Make sure that all the important items with deadlines will be taken care off, but leave time for work on the more important projects that do not have immediate deadlines, but if neglected, will cause problems later on.

Conclusion: We have seen how to generate free time, much free time. After you have been practicing, you might just generate several hours of additional free time. If stress and work has gotten to the point that you only get 3 hours of sleep at night. Just think, you might finally get a good night’s sleep with the extra time gained.

Your sexual partner, who may have been upset at you because you have been unable to spend enough time with him or her? With these techniques, you might be able to overcome this problem. Your partner may be amazed at your new sexual prowess, when in reality, you had the ability all along, but just did not have the time. Do you need more money$$$?. With the additional free time that you now have learned how to gain, you can work additional hours or do part-time work to earn more $$$.


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