How To Make Money Helping Others To Eliminate Junk Mail!

To make money helping others to eliminate junk mail, take the steps below and offer a service to others:

Remove junk mail. To reduce the probability of identity theft, you want to reduce the amount of material that has your name on it. One way to do this is to cut down on junk mail.

How to do this:

After receiving all junk mail, write to sender to take name off their mailing list, and to not resell, rent your name to others!

Contact Direct Marketing Association and other appropriate organizations and ask to be taken off junk - mailing lists

Avoid buying by mail! Your name will be sold or rented as a live prospect, who recently bought by mail! Stop Junk mail!

Very often, junk mailers want you to send money up front, in return for promised benefits later. Many of these are not worth the money they charge. Try reversing the tables. Ask them to send you what they offer for a % of future profits until a figure is achieved that is double their asking price! Very few will take you up on this. The ones that do, take a serious look at!

Offer a website that offers advice about eliminating junk mail. Then join Google's adsense program to monetize your content. For the perfect program that helps you create such a website, without the need to know html, search engine optimization, please click on the link below!