How to receive a message from the Lord by Sharing

The Jackpot of Shavout Eve

A person had decided to participate in all nite learning on Shavout Eve. On the way to E 48th Street, he stopped at a restuarant and ordered some chicken pieces. Since it was taking a long time for the order, he asked for a few french fries as compensation for his wait. They not only gave him a full bag of french fries, but offered him four hot apple pies.

He then walked out and offered one apple pie to a homeless man. He then stopped by for a cup of coffee. He noted another gentlemen who had ordered three coffees before him , who promptly accepted a gift of the other three apple pies!

Messages received: By participating in all night learning above - a very positive act, plus by offering a homeless man food, another act of sharing, he allowed the light to enter his life and send him a message that he was performing correctly in tune with the light. By sending the man who ordered three coffees, so he could "donate" the apple pies, he was allowed to receive the message that we are all one in a wonderful world provided we keep sharing!