Advantages of Selling On The web

Very affordable start-up investment costs

Low staffing expenditures

low operational expenditures

Easy to automate

Work at own pace

Low promotion costs

Quick to generate income

Worldwide customers, easy to reach

Quick and inexpensive to test, lowering risk

Easy to track customer response

Easy to track effectiveness of advertising

Can apply many offline marketing techniques online

Since the internet and worldwide web is so new, most people started at an even keel.

your customer sought you ought - often this puts them in a ready to buy mode, as compared to other modalities.

However, you have the huge negative to deal with - the customers hand is on the mouse and can click away from you in a split second, and go to one of other tens of millions of other websites. And the cute thing is that you never see his or her face, and the customer will not blush and feel that she or he should not have clicked away without giving you a chance to reconvince the customer not to.

However, in order to succeed at an internet business,

You need three key things!

1) Excellent Product and/or Services

2) A website that sells

3) Methods of driving targeted traffic to your site

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