E-Business' Do Not Necessarily Require a Lot of Upfront Money

First of all you do not need to pay rent for a commercial office. You also do not necessarily need a computer - you can use one at your local library! Webhosting has become very inexpensive. There are various inexpensive options to be able to take credit cards. Low cost store meerchant software is available. There are many low cost advertising options. Many Search Engines are still free. There are some pay-per-click models like overture.com. However, the pay per click model still qualifies as low money upfront. You only pay if they click on to your website - but you still have to get the sale. (To get the sale you need great product or service and to create a website that sells.

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HTML stands for Hypertext Mark-up Language. There are several good books on the subject. Some are several hundred pages long! If you do not wish to take the time to learn HTML, fortunately there is an easier way, in which you write the web pages, in plain English text, and the program creates HTML webpages for you. It even has an option that should you later on learn HTML, you can insert your new HTML pages right in the program, side by side with the program generated ones. There are many other benefits, too, including optimizing your pages for the free and paid Search Engines, merchant capabilities, etc.

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You will also need a business plan. Check the library or amazon.com for some books on low cost internet marketing. Some examples of low cost techniques are:

...Link exchange, where you find other compatable but non-competive sites to exchange links with. You sell Caribbean travel, another site sells Caribbean Real Estate. So you contact the site and inquire about each of you placing a link to the others website with appropriate praise and endorsement of the others product or service!

...use of signature file ... at bottom of each e-mail, you place a term like

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Additional pointers

You will need your own domain name. Do not use those free sites if you want any kind of good credibility.

You will also need a graphics editor.

Technical issue solver - check library for books.

Business license, form of entity. There are many different ways you can register to do a business. There is the sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, Corporation S and C. Please consult an attorney for legal advice here.

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