The internet is a Big Savings Opportunity

You don't believe it? Check below.

...As a business owner, you will have certain tax deduction that will be available to you, that you would not as a mere employee.

...Cost cutting. Can use e-mail instead of snail mail, and expensive long distance calls. Can often use e-mail instead of faxes. In fact e-mail is preferable to fax, as e-mail is editable text, while fax is an image, which needs OCR, which is not yet 100% perfect.

...Employee and staff recruitment - people visiting your site represent a well targeted stream of potential employees/staff. If you place your own ads, there, you can attracted a talented educated work force.

...Employee and staff training. You can archive old lectures, notes FAQ, lessons, tutorials, seminars, software, PDF files all on your website, or you can send them to your employees and staff by e-mail.

...improved efficiency - using e-mail greatly reduces the cost of courier services and is faster.

...your competition - some of them will be online. If you are not, it is going to cost you, this in effect saves you money by allowing you more revenue to cover your expenses.

... vastly reduced customer service expense. With the world wide web and your website, you can offer online customer chat service, which after redaction of the names, can form the basis of FAQ pages and PDF, and HTML files. You should be a able to vastly trim the toll free # expenses 800 877 888 - both the telephone company expenses, plus the employee and benefit expense required to operate them.

... shopping alternatives. By offering a website, you allow additional alternative ways your customer can deal with you 24 hrs 7 days a week, regardless of the weather outside. Now, you should already be allowing the customer to deal with you in a variety of ways, too, like check, credit card, paypal, cash, courier pigeon (just kidding).

... branding value - having your company name/logo presented tastefully - will save you money in the long run by increasing your company brand awareness.