Welcome to L0AN.BIZ, Your Source Of Information About Temporary Loans

At L0AN.BIZ, we will attempt to provide you with information about temporary loans. Of course, you should check with your legal and financial advisors before acting on this information.

Sources of temporary financing include:

1 credit cards:

advantage - quick and easy!

disadvantage - high upfront fees and interest rates, often 18% or more.

2 Stock Margin Loan:

advantage - low interest rate.

disadvantage - subject to margin call - have to put up more collateral if stock security falls in value.

3 Home equity loan:

advantage - low interest rate. May be tax deductible interest! disadvantage - encumbers your home!

4 Pawn Shop:

advantage - fast and quick.

disadvantage - high interest rates.

5 Bank

advantage - they have lots of $$$$, often lower interest rate than many of others.

disadvantage - harder to qualify then many of others.

6 Relatives

advantage - less credit check.

disadvantage - strained relationships!

Before applying for a loan, you want to check your credit report first, so you can attempt to improve it before applying for a loan. Please click below!

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