Why Whatever Product or Service Your Website Offers , Your Site Must Sell

"No matter what you offer on the Web, your site must SELL! Are you selling digital goods like software, videogames, or infoproducts (like this book)? Perhaps you offer world-class consulting on your special area of expertise? Do you sell freezers to the Inuit people (to store the ice you sold them), or other hard-good widgets? Are you simply selling the image of your company? Or are you just attempting to brand your company. Or are you just thinking about selling through a Web site? Maybe you’re looking to expand regional sales into global distribution? No matter what you want your Web site to sell, MYSS2002 book shows you how... like no other book ever has. When you use the experience-proven strategies in this book, you will attract motivated, targeted customers to your Web site. Then you will sell them. Period. If you already have a Web site, this book (MYSS! 2002) will show you how to convert it into a killer sales machine. If you don’t have a Web site, but are planning one, terrific! No errors to correct. MYSS! 2002 will show you how to convert a blank piece of “digital paper” into a strong site that SELLS! From here on in, whenever you read the word “product,” please understand that I use it to include hard goods, digital products, professional services, Net auction items, and even knowledge-based consulting skills... in short, whatever you’re selling. The principles of MYSS! 2002 are universal -- they work, no matter what you’re selling on the Web."

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"Why You Need MYSS! 2002... Today No Web presence yet? Or just starting the process? Here’s the good news... Not all companies sell on the Web. But their numbers are growing -- and quickly too! Many surveys show that most businesses who have yet to establish a Web presence intend to do so soon. Those who don’t... Stand to lose out on a big piece of what is fast becoming a rather substantial pie! Other studies show that consumers have already started a serious shift towards buying via the Web. Recent survey headlines by respected companies support this developing trend... • Despite a lack of venture capital investments and some high profile failures, the North American Internet Retailing segment is on pace to surpass $29.3 billion, a 75 percent increase over last year’s revenue (Gartner Group). • Sales either closed (or influenced) online will reach $830 billion by 2005 (Jupiter). • By 2005, U.S. online retail sales will total $269 billion, or 11% of U.S. retail sales (Forrester). • Business-to-business commerce will experience astounding growth over the next five years, rising to $6.3 trillion in 2005 from $336 billion this year (Jupiter Research). Better still... The Net is just starting to hit its stride! The expansion from a primarily North American-based phenomenon to a world-wide one is beginning in earnest. People are taking to the Web in droves. Every man, woman, child, and teenager is wholeheartedly embracing the Web. Everywhere. For them... it’s information, access to a world-wide market, and products they can’t get locally.And for you?... An eager and increasingly expanding marketplace. It’s a classic win-win situation. See for yourself... • European Internet users are increasingly comfortable with e-commerce (Net Value). • Russian e-commerce revenue is set to increase nine-fold in the coming year (International Data Corporation). • Indian commerce revenues are set to rise from $75 million to $254 million by the end of next year (eMarketer). • Online shopping is poplar in Belgium... giving the country an e-commerce market worth $309 million (Insites). • Internet sales in Scandinavia will account for more than 10% in the main online retail categories by 2005 (Jupiter). Bottom line? This mass movement will dramatically alter the way the world buys and sells just about everything. Which all boils down to a simple, but dramatic, conclusion... If you’re not selling like crazy on the Web soon, you are toast. And it’s your competition who will be doing the toasting. ... And if you’re not part of a large company, this is the opportunity of the millennium, especially if you’re just an “average Joe.” Because as long as bandwidth remains tight and for as long as the Search Engines remain affordable, you are on an equal footing with Microsoft. Really. Yes, the Microsoft site has thousands of pages. Yes, your site is a lot smaller and you’re an unknown..." Wouldn't you like not to be unknown any longer?

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When a visitor hits your Home Page, you have a brief a brief initial opportunity to grab the visitor and send her down a pathway to a sale. "But the time to act is NOW! Don’t dare delay any longer! Seriously! Already the Search Engines are making a discernible shift towards “pay-per-listing”, or “pay-per-inclusion” rankings. The barriers to e-commerce are slowly rising. But you’ve still got time if you hurry and get started. Large or small, grab this opportunity and start selling now. Seriously. Do it!"

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